Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Gentleness

Ok, so I know I promised to give you all my thoughts on gentleness and share what God has been teaching me, but I think I'm going to take a few more days to get it all together and make it more cogent. Today was a crazy day, but still good. Tim is working late, so Kessa is staying up late so she can see daddy. In fact at this very minute she's standing on my lap playing with a mini-album I made my husband for his birthday. (See it here.) So, since I have no insights on gentleness I'll just leave you with a few photos from yesterday. I really want to get back to the mini-album I'm making for my MIL and I'm also trying to find some brushes that will work with my version of PSE. So, here are the cuties that make up my family! (and I'm in there too! ;)
(Tim wasn't actually talking on the phone here, that's one of Kessa's play phones)
Do I not have the most handsome men in my life?

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