Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Years Ago...

I married the greatest guy in the world! (well since its now 12:06 am on the 9th I guess technically it was 5 years and a day...)

5 Reasons I Love Timothy:

1. He plays guitar (electric) (yes, my kids are going to be rock stars)
2. He is not afraid to be a dork with me
3. He's not ashamed to kiss "Gabby" and play tea party
4. He always wants to learn more and test everything he's been taught against God's word to confirm that it lines up
5. He still thinks I'm hot!


Jessica said...

Congrats Gina!! LOL love it...he still thinks youre hot..that is so awesome! Cannot wait to see K. and Z. rock out!!!

Sasha said...

aww love that photo..great blog girlie