Thursday, March 19, 2009

Totally Random

Today you're in for a totally random we go!

1. I am officially 19 weeks along as of TODAY. (if we're lucky maybe we'll get a picture of the belly at 20 weeks! lol) I felt the strongest kick from the baby BY FAR that I've felt so far today.

2. Totally enjoying this blog.

3. Contemplating buying some of these (yes, they're BPA free...which after reading some articles yesterday I really want for my littles and myself since I have a little INSIDE of me.)

4. Bought some ADORABLE material today to make Kessa and Gabby matching dresses with this pattern (the one on the right is the pattern we're using.)
(it's pink and has lots of hearts and is so sweet and springy and girly and we're using some wide lace eyelet for the contrasting material...I can't wait to get started on these!)

5. And a sneak of the April kit from Scrap-tastic for you!

6. Oh! And TOTALLY TOTALLY loving Swagbucks right now. I just got two Amazon gift cards yesterday...and I'm going to cash in some more today. (I haven't spent them yet though.) (if you want more info about Swagbucks you can see my original post about it here.)

7. These are just for you Kirsten...I have no great stories at the moment (besides the fact that I've taught Kessa to respond with "He is Risen Indeed!" when I say "He is Risen!") but I did think I would pop up some new pictures of the littles for you. :) *hugs* Miss you girl!

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Jessica said...

great pics Gina...that last one cracks me up!