Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Alive!!!!'s been like 2 weeks. Time sure got away from me! So sorry about that (if anyone out there is still reading that is!) Anyway, I have no good excuse for my lack of blogging...just not enough hours in the day syndrome.

Anyway, as a peace offering how about a couple LOs of my sweet, unborn, baby girl?

I did both of these LOs for a challenge to use song lyrics for your journaling. This first one using the song "Tuesday's Child" by Stephen Curtis Chapman. The lyrics were just so fitting and went so well with why we named her Grace.

This one is from a Nicole Nordeman and the song is called "I wanna leave a Legacy" it spoke to me a lot about how I spend my time and what my children see when they look at me. (I know the belly shots aren't great, but hey, I was taking them myself with the timer! lol)


Virginia said...

Oh girl, I love them! And I absolutely love the belly shots, I would never know that was with a self timer. They are gorgeous!

I love the name Grace, what a beautiful reminder everytime you call her name. :)

ashjoy said...

I'm still reading, I keep everyone on my blog reader so I can keep up when you post:)
What a great way to start the new little's memory books. Great job as always!