Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Time Management

I feel like God has been teaching me and changing me in so many areas of my life lately.  It feels like everything is being molded more and more by Him...but when I really stopped and thought about it...all these different things I felt like God was showing me...they all came back to "time management."  Or "priorities."  Or "how I spend my time."  Mainly in regards to my family.  My children and my wonderful husband. 

Sometimes I get so caught up in "serving" them that I forget how much FUN they are.  I forget to stop and play.  To let them be kids.  To just have fun with Tim (and I DO have fun with you baby!  You are just about the funnest guy I know!  *smooches*)

And *most* of the ways I was spending my time WERE ways I was "serving" them.  But maybe not the best way.  Maybe not the way they needed me to right then.  Maybe not the way that would most cause them to love God more.  Maybe not the way I would want someone I loved to serve me. 

So, here are some things I'm thinking...

I'm thinking it's ok if my house looks lived in.  I IS lived in.  I want my family (both my kids and husband, AND my extended family that stops by) to think of this as a fun place to be.  As a place where they can kick off their shoes and be themselves.  Where they can find comfort and peace and know that they will always be encouraged to pursue God so that they can truly be filled with joy.

I'm thinking I'm not going to worry about how often my blog gets updated (can you tell I already put this one into practice?!  lol) because I don't want my kids to grow up and say, "my mom was a great blogger!"

I'm thinking I want to have the kids involved in all the stuff we do...even when it's more work than doing it myself would have been.

I'm thinking I want to have a "schedule" so we know what's coming.

I'm thinking some days we'll throw our "schedule" to the wind and just play.

I'm thinking I want to really listen to them when they talk.  ALL of them.  Tim, Kessa, Ezekiel, even Grace (I'll get joy from listening to her if nothing else!  lol)

I'm thinking I want to do more things to make every day special. 

I'm thinking I'll do better at remembering that my kids really are only 3 and JUST turned 2....and I won't ask them to act like adults yet.

I'm thinking I'll take opportunities to teach them responsibility, but I'll also let them enjoy being kids. 

I'm thinking above all, and through all, and in all is Christ. 
Christ is the reason I persist in training them.
Christ is the reason I am truly joyful.
Christ is the reason I want them to grow up with servant's hearts.
Christ is the reason behind everything we do. 
Every dish we wash.
Every game we play.
Every book we read.
Every meal we eat.
Whatever we do, whether we eat or drink, I want us to be doing it all to the glory of God. 

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Virginia said...

I really feel like God is teaching us so many of the same things, and I so appreciate your authenticity and faithfulness to communicate that. I wish we lived closer so that we could practice this with each other's families!

Praying for your disciplines and grace with your family.