Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baseball Dreams

(sorry about the crummy picture, still working on where to take them indoors)

I've been hoarding this picture of my son for almost a year...which is not like me at all.  I know there are a TON of things technically wrong with the photo, but it's one of those that just speaks to my heart.  His tousled little boy hair,  his taggie, the way he's sleeping on his arms, and of course...the baseball.  

I wanted this LO to be simple and focus on the picture and the feeling behind it.  I mean, to me, America, little boys, and baseball just go together.  What little boy doesn't dream of hitting a home run or winning the game?

 I also thought it was rather fitting that he had one red, white and blue jammies in the picture so I went with those colors for the base of my LO, kind of underscoring the whole "America's Favorite Pastime" without being too patriotic feeling.  

The American Crafts Letterman Thickers were PERFECT for this LO, but the white was just too stark a contrast for the feel I was going for, so, I did what I always everything!  lol, I swiped them with some Close to Cocoa ink and then they looked nice and dirty and were a perfect fit!