Monday, April 23, 2012

To Infinity...

and beyond!  That's where my little girl will be heading with these new Buzz Lightyear capris. 

We went to a "cowboy" birthday party over the weekend and I made all the kids Toy Story outfits (that's about as cowboy as we get!  lol) and let them watch Toy Story (2 per my oldest daughter's instructions so that Jessie would be in it ;) and Grace has since because slightly Buzz and Woody crazy.  She wore her Toy Story dress for 3 days straight (even slept in it a few times!)  So I actually made these in the hopes of getting her to take the dress off so I could wash it. 

I used Lil' Blue Boo's Perfect Short Pattern and just lengthened it to be capri length and then added the ruffles.  Both pant legs are upcycled from old shirts.  I also added a ruffle to an existing shirt and my husbands aunt is going to use her embroidery machine to put a Buzz on it as well. 

I added a little contrasting pocket to the back as well which I think turned out super cute.  I guess tomorrow will be the test...when we see if she'll wear this or opts for her Toy Story dress for the 4th day in a row!  (it is in the dryer as I'm typing though so at least it will be clean!  lol) 

I'm linking up with Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothing Week Challenge flicker pool. 

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