Monday, April 7, 2014

Deep Sea V-Neck

Have you discovered Patterns for Pirates yet?  If you haven't you need to get over to her shop and check out her patterns!  

Judy is super great to work with and she's coming out with some super fun boy/unisex patterns!  We're in the middle of testing some basketball shorts and a FREE (yes I said FREE!!!) muscle tank pattern right now so be on the lookout for those!  But today I'm going to share my Deep Sea V-Neck Tee.  I was excited when Judy messaged me and ask me to test because I've got 2 boys, and while I love sewing for them, lets be honest, they just get the shaft sometimes.

This was my first ever time to sew a V-neck and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!  It was actually...dare I say it...sort of easy!  Judy holds your hand through the entire pattern and gives you THREE different options for how to sew in the V-neck.  How's that for choices?!?!  

The Deep Sea V-Neck has a more vintage fit than some shirts so it's not boxy and all and I love the fit of it on my skinny boy.  

I did the most simple version of the top with standard hems on the bottom and the short sleeves but the pattern also has long sleeves with or without cuffs and roll up sleeves with button tabs or button tabs you can put on the shoulds as well as a pocket options!  Again, how's that for choices?!?!  

Zeke wasn't sure he liked it when I showed him the shirt to begin with because "it didn't have a picture on it."  Guess that's what I get for always upcycling character shirts!  lol.  This one was upcycled from an old polo and I happen to love it...and by the end of the photoshoot Zeke decided he did too because it was so comfortable!!!  

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