Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Perfect Layering Tee

Have you seen the little adorable new Wellie Wisher Dolls from American Girl?  Kessa got one from my husband's family for her birthday and her first request was for me to make the doll more clothes.  When Nicole said she was making some patterns the Wellie Wishers I was all over it!  The Perfect Layering tee for girls and dolls was first up on the list.  It comes in tank, short, 3/4, and long sleeves, has regular and tunic lengths with options for hems or bands and it looks great!  

This shirt is tight fitting and perfect for laying under things...or wearing alone if that floats your boat!  The black one is the tunic length with 3/4 length sleeves (and I added some fun heat transfer of course!)

There are also two different options for finishing the neck.  You can do a traditional neck band (as I did on the black tunic) or you can do a binding like I did on the aztec print shirt.  

This is the hemmed length with short sleeves.  It's very easy to mash sizes too!  Since it's such a tight fitting shirt I made sure to take new measurements of Kessa and make the shirt accordingly.  I did a 7 chest graded out to an 8 hips and an 8 length (for my 10 year old.  :p )

and how about some bottoms???  Cole's Corner also released a basic bottom pattern for Wellie Wishers that included pant, capri, short, and shorty short lengths.  They're SUUUUPer fast to make too.  I cut and sewed 4 pairs (one in each length) in probably 30 minutes the other day.

So, what are you waiting for???  Go buy them!  :p  I'm ready to make the girls more of these in waffle knit to wear under their t-shirts this winter.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Krystle's Quilt

One of my best friends and her family are moving to Argentina in just a few short months so serve as missionaries with an organization called Reaching and Teaching.  They've been working toward this goal for YEARS and it's finally becoming a reality and my heart is rejoicing...and crying.  So, as I saw someone else say, "What do we do when there are life changing circumstances?  We make quilts."

The center world map is a free quilt pattern from Shwin and Shwin.  It only made a lap sized quilt though and I wanted something Krys could wrap up in and cuddle with so I decided to add some boarders.  

Plus, Krys and I both love to read and since I found this fantastic Jane Austen text print I felt the need to use it in large pieces so you could actually read it!  

I used straight strips (which a few random hearts thrown in when I had to join the strips) and half square triangles to make the chevron boarder.    

The back is a lot more (large) half square triangles in different designs.  

This is only the 2nd whole quilt I've ever machine quilted and it's much better than the last one I did but I had fun making it and it went pretty smoothly! (yay for my walking foot!)

So Krys, went you use this (PLEASE use it!!!), remember how much we love you and that you're continually being covered by our prayers.  

If you've made it to the end of the post, yay!!!  If you're interested in making a donation to Brandon and Krystle and their ministry (every little bit helps!  They're responsible for 100% of their fund raising and they won't have jobs outside the ministry once they move either)  consider making a donation to them here.  (They're about 2/3 of the way down the page.)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Frolic Collection

It's been a while since I've shared something from My Little Plumcake but Michelle has been hard at work behind the scenes for months now preparing for the Frolic Capsule Collection!  

So, what is a capsule collection you ask?  It's a collection of patterns (five have currently been released with more coming -- including a few freebies!) that can all be mixed and matched to create a wardrobe full of basic staples.  Since all the patterns can be mixed and matched it saves you time and money!  

I've only made two of the patterns so far but I'm very excited about some more that are coming too!  

First up let me tell you about the Frolic Shorts.  They can be made from any number of woven fabrics, have a flat front waistband with simple little clean pleats, pockets and a cute curved leg hem. 

I did all my top stitching in a contrasting color to make it stand out a bit more.  

The top I paired with it is the Frolic Crop Top.  

The Frolic Crop Top is a simple, fast sew, fully lined, with buttons (or snaps if you're lazy like me!) down the back.  

The skirt and shorts are both designed to be slightly high waisted so that even with the crop top there is still good stomach coverage (although if you're like me and want to make sure it's all covered even when they're squirming and jumping just slap a tank under it.  I picked up several for my girls for like $1.69 each at Wal-Mart.)

Now, let's talk about this skirt.  Oh.My.Stars.  My girls wore these outfits for Easter and they're both in LOOOOVE with them.  I think it makes them feel extra feminine and fancy,  The skirts have a wide elastic waistband covered with soft knit.  The skirts themselves are layer after layer of fancy goodness.  

The cream and pink one has a lining, four layers of tulle, and then two layers of chiffon.  I did a rolled hem on my lining and chiffon but there are also instructions for a narrow hem if you don't have (or want to use) a serger.  

All of the fabric for the above outfit I picked up at Joanns.  The chiffon is NOT as high a quality as the purple that I got from another site.  I had a really hard time doing the rolled hem on it because it kept shredding.  I ended up roll hemming both layers together...which I wouldn't recommend...but hey, it worked!  lol 

 The fabric for Kessa's top is from Joanns but the chiffon I got from Stylish Fabric on etsy.  It's a GREAT quality and was surprisingly easy to work with (for chiffon).

The patterns all go from 18months to size 10...I know a lot of people wish they went to larger sizes but be sure and check the size charts too.  My (small) almost 10 year old wears a size 7 so we'll still get several more years out of these patterns!  

The other patterns in the capsule that have already been released are a jumpsuit (with a really unique design at the leg cuffs which makes it stand out from other jumpsuits around), and lined jacket pattern that looks cute with the skirt, the shorts, AND the jumpsuit. 

Now, if you made it ALL THIS WAY, I have a reward for you!!!  Coupons!!!  Sales!!!  WOOHOO!!! You can use the code CAPSULE (in the etsy shop)  for 20% off your purchase, or, if you're loving a bunch, you can use the code BUY2GET1 for (you guessed it didn't you?) buy 2 get 1 free!  lol.  

Be sure and share all your creations or ask any questions you might have in the facebook group!  

and just for laughs...I leave you with this little gem.  You're welcome.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seville Cropped Cardigan (for free!!!)

Easter's coming up which usually means super cute dresses!  Super cute dresses that are all too often sleeveless....or short sleeved.  With Easter so early this year I'm betting on it being cold which means all those cute dresses are going to need a cute cardigan to go with them!

Terra's Treasures Seville Cropped Cardigan is perfect!  It's a super fast sew, it has elbow and long sleeve lengths, it comes in sizes6-12 months all the way to size 16, AND (here's the really good part!!!) if you go join the Terra's Treasures Designs Facebook group there's a coupon code to get it for FREE!!!!!!  Yup.  I said it.  FREE.

Kessa's is a straight size 7.  She picked a shirt from my t-shirt pile and I upcycled it for the front and back.  The amazing Horcruxe fabric is something I won from Affordable Fabrics and More (but you can still buy it here.)  

The weather was beautiful the day we took these pictures and Kessa had a lot of fun.  She kept telling me, "Mom, I need a book!  I'm Hermione!"  

I have one cut for Grace too but I haven't taken the time (all 20 minutes or so that it takes!  lol) to sew it up yet.  

Kessa says, "YOU should go get your Seville pattern while it's still free!!!"  (again, code to make it free is in the Terra's Treasures Designs facebook group.)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Made for Mermaids has a super cute new pattern out called the Blair top.  Now, I did the most simple version.  Tunic length.  Plain hem.  Nothing fancy.  It's super cute and I did it in sweatshirt fleece so it's extra warm and cozy and my girls love it but it really doesn't do this pattern justice.  

(my yummy sweatshirt fleece is from Mel at Purpleseamstress Fabric.) 

(Grace wanted a picture with Zane too.  Who is wearing some flannel lined Captain Comfy Jeans from Patterns for Pirates.)  

Ok, back to the Blair top.  It's a loose fitting, v-neck, raglan top with 3 different sleeve lengths and a TON of hem options.  There is the plain jane tunic length with nothing fancy like I did, but there is also a Rainbow hem, a high low hem, a curved hem, and options for lace edging, single ruffle, or double ruffle on all those hems as well!

 Because of the fit you can use a WIDE variety of knits for the bodice, from a heavier one (like my sweatshirt fleece) to something more light and flowy.  The ruffles look amazing in light wovens with good drape (think lining fabric, chiffon, lace, etc.)

And the V-neck?  Don't be scared!  The directions are super simple and take you through it step by step.  All of mine looked great (in my humble opinion.  lol!)

So, the girls Blair (from 1/2 all the way to a 14) is on sale right now for just $7!!!  (If you need one for you, the Ladies Blair is also on sale for $7 currently, OR you can buy the bundle and get the girls and ladies both for only $10!!!)

(I should also note that the length on Grace's top is off a little, it was lengthened during testing.)

So, go forth, buy, and sew!!!!  :)