Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Reread a Favorite Classic

The last category in Karen's Back to the Classics challenge is to Reread a Favorite Classic.  I had several different thoughts originally about what book I was going to use for this category but I ended up going back to visit Anne.  I discovered the Emily books by L.M. Montgomery this year and loved them so much!  However, they made me nostalgic for Anne.  I've re-read the first two so far and am currently rereading Anne of the Island.  They're just as good as I remembered!  I didn't add this one to GoodReads for some reason but it says I finished Anne of Avonlea October 29th.

A Classic with a Single Word Title

A Classic with a Single Word Title...I grew up LOVING the movie Pollyanna but for some reason I had never read the book.  It did NOT dissapoint me.  I loved the book just as much, if not more, than the movie!  I felt like the book did a better job of portaying how much work it was sometimes for Pollyanna to play the "glad game" and that she was always making a contentious choice to look for the good in every situation.  I finished this one April 14th but I apparently slacked off greatly in getting my posts up for the Back to the Classics challenge

A Classic Crime story

This children's book barely squeaked in for the Back to the Classics challenge since it was published in 1959.  It is a mystery story which says it's ok for the Classic Crime catagory so that's where I'm using it.  According to GoodReads I finished this book October 2nd.  It is over 50 years old though and you're allowed to use up to three children's books for the challenge.  I checked this book out through inter-library loan for my daughter because she loves Carol Ryrie Brink's Caddie Woodlawn and Magical Melons so much.  While the story was totally different than those the writing was just as good and the story was so cute and charming.  A winner in my book for sure! 

A Children's Classic

For A Children's Classic for Karen's Back to the Classics challenge, we read The Book of King Arthur by Howard Pyle.  I've read several of his books now and the kids and I all love him and his writing!  King Arthur was no different.  We finished it up September 4th and it was given a resounding 5 stars by all. 

19th Century Classic

I'm using this one for the 19th Century Classic catagory in the 2018 Read the Classics challenge hosted on Karen's blog.  This is also an Ambleside Online year 7, Term 2 poetry book...overall I really loved this. The story about Pelleas was pretty stupid and definitely my least favorite part of the book, but Tennyson’s handling of Arthur confronting Guinevere was soooo good! Lots of insight into the consequences of sin, the outcome, the pain and lack of any gain on all sides, it was very moving. Writing a 300+ page book in verse form is impressive, to write one this well...it’s no wonder Tennyson is still famous, read, and lauded today.