Sunday, December 23, 2007

Altered Altoid Tin

Ok, I'm WAY tired, I've been feeling really sick and not sleeping well lately, so I'm just going to upload the pics of this and a very brief description. If anyone cares I might actually come back and do a more detailed description later. :)
This is a view of the inside of the tin when you open it. All the pp I used is by Wild Asperagus. I stamped a SU So Many Sayings stamp on the outside and embossed it and doodled around the edges. There is a TON of doodling in this, I just have to say, I only discovered it recently and I'm addicted!
The album has a little "story" that runs through it. What you see above says, Love...makes things a little blurry. (because everything in the bg of the second picture is all blurry, but we are in focus.) Then page 3 says, you make me HAPPY because..(moving on to page 4) 1. I am still your PUNK rock Princess. (Very good song for those of you who don't know!) page5 & 6 say, 2. So far,( and we've only seen one..) You and I make SIMPLY ADORABLE midgets!
Finally, you flip the whole book over and it says 3. You know how to listen and how to get me to talk! 4. Even with kids...u r still my Garage Band King (more of that great song! ;) and last but not least, 5. You are a WONDERFUL daddy!!!!

On a different note, today was the first day of Christmas for us and I got some cool new toys I'll tell you all about in the near future! TTFN!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More S.B. Pages...

Tim, (wonderful man that he is!!!!!!!!) took Kessa with him to a Christmas party at church last night and I got a chance to finish up some pages I was working on for her scrapbook. I'm SOOO close to being done with her first year I can almost taste it! lol.
This first lo, From Milk to Solid Food, is of Kessa when she was 10 months old. It was for a Diva Designer challenge on SCS. You can find the challenge here. This one was to sand the edges of your photos. That's a really great technique and I had never tried it before. It looks GREAT IRL although you can hardly see it in the photo. All the paper on this page is from Memory Boutique. The little white scallops on the left side are rub-ons by MiniMarks and the chipboard circle is from SU's On Board Lots of Letters set. There is journaling on the strips of paper also. It says, These pictures, from May 07, immediately reminded me of Hebrews 5:13-14. It's ok for you to live on milk while you are a baby. In the same way, its ok for us to be "infants" when we first get saved, but we must continue on to maturity." I'm not sure I'm too crazy about how the lo turned out overall but its not too bad! Now this page I like! lol. I'm really getting into this doodling stuff. Talk about fun!!!! This was also for the aforementioned Diva Designer challenge, but this one was to stamp directly on your photo. That wasn't a problem for me because I do it all the time! The blue and green dotted paper is by Cosmo Cricket and the paper that I matted the photo with is by K and Co. The paper is actually torn and laid over the picture, everyone over at SCS seemed to think I had torn the photo. lol, I'm not sure why but that cracked me up! The little heart is a Love, Elsie rub-on that I put on blue paper and cut out. Letter stamps are "Stampabilities" and "Alpha Blocks" foam stamps by MM. The 3 I printed out on my computer, cut out of pp by Cosmo Cricket and then painted with MM paint.

Ok, well my dog just knocked over the Christmas tree trying to scratch her back on it and I have a ton of stuff to do before Kessa wakes up from her nap. Toodles!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The fruit of my new toy...

Wow! So I had no idea it had been 4 days since I had posted! Time sure is flying by. I have some treats for you today, well...they're treats to me anyway! lol. Pictures from my new camera!!!!!!! This first one is a picture of Kessa and Tim laying on her bed reading her Bible. He was very excited because she brought it to him and wanted him to read it. I hope she always wants to read the Bible that much! :D
Next we have a picture of our little rocker! She LOVES to climb up on anything she can manage to get on and then goes to town dancing! It's sooooo funny! And if there isn't any music on (there usually is, it seems like we're always listening to something, and she really like rock and punk music the best I think) she'll come find up and tell us she wants music! Cracks me up. She also knows that most people have music on their cell phones, so if she sees someone with a cell phone she'll tell them she wants to listen to music! Seriously makes me laugh no matter how crappy a day its seemed until then. :)

Last but not least just two close ups of my darling daughter. I'm amazed every time I look at her by the wonder God chose to entrust to us. She is so beautiful and so amazing. I pray God will give us the wisdom and grace to raise her so that she can still be kind and humble despite those characteristics.
And finally, I'll leave you with a DPS I did for a sketch challenge over at Splitcoast. If you've never been over there you should check it out, its a ton of fun and a whole lot of great inspiration!! The first one is just a couple of pictures of Kessa and the verse on a page says,
"The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'therefore I will hope in Him." Lam. 3:24
The second page is about Kessa's name. The journaling is rather long, but here's what it says, "Kessa - names are so important. God always names people for a reason in the Bible so we wanted to be sure that your name was special and full of meaning also. We've been told that "Kessa" is a shortened and more pronouncable form of the Hebrew word for EVERLASTING LIFE. Because of that your name is a reminder of so many things. It is a reminder that everyone has an everlasting life, but more, it is a reminder for us, since we are Christians, that our everlasting life is secure and will be spent in the presence of God. Your name is a reminder of the joy that Jesus purchased for us through His suffering on the cross. The Lord chose us and saves us according to His good pleasure. Remember and Delight in Him when you think about your name!! "For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE." John 3:16For details on the products used on these pages check out my gallery. Have a fantabulous day!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My New Toy...

That's right, I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister-in-law came over and watched the kiddo and Tim and I went and got my Christmas present. I get it early so that I can get good at using it. So....without further delay...let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Johnson household, no, its not Ezekiel, its the Cannon Powershot S5 IS.

Isn't it beautiful!!!! You should see the pictures I got of Kessa eating a pear! They're so clear they're gross! lol. You can see all the juice dripping off her chin and everything. Plus, now I can take pictures of my layouts and crafts even if its nasty outside and I can't take them out. I can take pictures of them inside!!! How great is that?!?!? Anyway, prepare to be bombarded by photos over the next few days. Right now though, I need to hit the sack as I am VERY tired and tomorrow is a church day. TTFN!

Friday, December 14, 2007


So I have decided in the past 16 months that there is nothing in the world better for making us realize our weaknesses and depravity like our children. Or CHILD in my case (for less that 3 more weeks!!!) Kessa has been SOOOOO whiny this morning and I finally just had to lay her in her crib and walk away because I was turning into someone I didn't like very much. God opens my eyes over and over again through her to my own sin. My sin of impatience and my sin of selfishness and pride. My lack of mercy even sometimes. Thank the Lord he is gracious and constantly pours out his mercy on me. I praise Him for saving me and for the ever on-going work of sanctifying me, although some days I feel like I'm WAY less holy and sanctified than I should be by new. Christ has promised that "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Laters, I have to go get myself and the midget dressed for our MOPS group!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goals for the New Year...

Ok, so I am apparently not very good at keeping this up and that's something I'm going to be working on. However, that is only in a round-about way one of my two clearly defined goals for 2008. That's right, its not even New Years and I already have, not one, but TWO goals!!! WOOHOO! That never I know you're just DYING to know what my goals are and how keeping up this blog/homepage/whatever will help accomplish one of them. So...drum roll please....My goals so far for 2008 are to become a member of at least one Design Team and/or to be published with my scrapbooking work. I think its doable. I've never actually applied for either before so I guess I'm just going to start jumping in a being rejected. Eventually SOMEONE has to take me right?!?! lol
In other news...I found out what I'm getting for Christmas and now I'm going to be bugging my DH until he gives it to me'!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what kind it is, but almost anything is better than the one I have. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! My DH, in-laws and parents all went together and got it for me. soon as I can get him to give it to me you won't be seeing pictures that look like this and will be such better quality. Yea! I can't wait. Hopefully it will have a very small delay because toddlers don't exactly stand still and wait for the camera to get ready! This is a picture of Kessa playing with her friend Sophie while we were watching her last week. I'm praising God that they had a good time playing together, made life much easier! lol.
ALSO with my new camera hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of my layouts and crafts inside and not have to wait for the sun to be out. Which is way there are no pictures of my new layouts. We haven't seen the sun in DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Send it our way if you have any extra! lol.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Babysitting at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant!

Alright, so it probably won't be so bad, and I'm sure I'll post more later when I have something a little more possitive to say and some cute pictures, but right now, I'm just breathing a sigh of relief and praying they sleep a LONG time! So, my daughter is 16 months old today and I'm watching another little girl for the next 3 days that is like 14 months old. Kessa was mercifully sleeping when Sophie arrived today. Sophie is used to the babysitter thing and usually has no problems, however, today was an exception. She started crying as soon as Amanda left and didn't stop for like 45 minutes when I finally laid her down. (I didn't think of that sooner because Amanda said she had just had a little nap and would be fine.) But now, they are BOTH sleeping and I'm about to drop and the day is only half over! lol. Pray for me!!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm succumbing to the flow...I'm doing it too...

That's right, I too have started a blog. Why? I'm not really sure, but it seems like everyone is doing it and now I am too! lol. It will probably be mostly the everyday and mundane things of life, like my daughter learning how to get our dog to chase her and my pants getting smaller everyday. I'm sure there will also be crafty things, ei scrapbooking because that's what I love, as well as the random thoughts about things that God is teaching me. So today, I'm thinking that's about it, but I will leave you with a fun picture from yesterday. Kessa and I both had hoodies on and I was trying to get some cute pictures of it, that part wasn't all that successful, but at least we both had fun! :D She's such a little ham, already saying "CHEESE!!!!" whenever she sees a camera! I praise God for blessing us with her.
I'll try and get some new scrappy stuff up soon. Happy Saturday!!!!