Sunday, December 23, 2007

Altered Altoid Tin

Ok, I'm WAY tired, I've been feeling really sick and not sleeping well lately, so I'm just going to upload the pics of this and a very brief description. If anyone cares I might actually come back and do a more detailed description later. :)
This is a view of the inside of the tin when you open it. All the pp I used is by Wild Asperagus. I stamped a SU So Many Sayings stamp on the outside and embossed it and doodled around the edges. There is a TON of doodling in this, I just have to say, I only discovered it recently and I'm addicted!
The album has a little "story" that runs through it. What you see above says, Love...makes things a little blurry. (because everything in the bg of the second picture is all blurry, but we are in focus.) Then page 3 says, you make me HAPPY because..(moving on to page 4) 1. I am still your PUNK rock Princess. (Very good song for those of you who don't know!) page5 & 6 say, 2. So far,( and we've only seen one..) You and I make SIMPLY ADORABLE midgets!
Finally, you flip the whole book over and it says 3. You know how to listen and how to get me to talk! 4. Even with kids...u r still my Garage Band King (more of that great song! ;) and last but not least, 5. You are a WONDERFUL daddy!!!!

On a different note, today was the first day of Christmas for us and I got some cool new toys I'll tell you all about in the near future! TTFN!

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As The World Scraps said...

Hi there Gina! I came across your blog and the talk of theology drew me in. Nice to meet you :) Love your scrapbook pages!