Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goals for the New Year...

Ok, so I am apparently not very good at keeping this up and that's something I'm going to be working on. However, that is only in a round-about way one of my two clearly defined goals for 2008. That's right, its not even New Years and I already have, not one, but TWO goals!!! WOOHOO! That never I know you're just DYING to know what my goals are and how keeping up this blog/homepage/whatever will help accomplish one of them. So...drum roll please....My goals so far for 2008 are to become a member of at least one Design Team and/or to be published with my scrapbooking work. I think its doable. I've never actually applied for either before so I guess I'm just going to start jumping in a being rejected. Eventually SOMEONE has to take me right?!?! lol
In other news...I found out what I'm getting for Christmas and now I'm going to be bugging my DH until he gives it to me'!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what kind it is, but almost anything is better than the one I have. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! My DH, in-laws and parents all went together and got it for me. soon as I can get him to give it to me you won't be seeing pictures that look like this and will be such better quality. Yea! I can't wait. Hopefully it will have a very small delay because toddlers don't exactly stand still and wait for the camera to get ready! This is a picture of Kessa playing with her friend Sophie while we were watching her last week. I'm praising God that they had a good time playing together, made life much easier! lol.
ALSO with my new camera hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of my layouts and crafts inside and not have to wait for the sun to be out. Which is way there are no pictures of my new layouts. We haven't seen the sun in DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Send it our way if you have any extra! lol.

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