Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Humility Vs. Joy?

Ok, so I guess this will be your “theology” for the day. I’ve been studying Philippians and God has been showing me a lot of things I’ve never thought about before from this book. I’m using Kay Arthur’s study guide that is called That I May Know Him. Anyway, we're studying chapter 2 this week and I have been struck by several things. First was how they say over and over again that their brothers in Christ bring them joy. Think about that, do you bring joy to the people around you? I was rather convicted that I probably don't a lot of the time. Then I was thinking about humility since this chapter talks about Christ humility. I think most people think of humility in a negative way, not that its a bad thing, but that its something we have to white knuckle and do. They think of it as lacking something rather than as having something. This is where my humility vs. joy thought came in. I think to restate humility as a positive rather than a negative we would call it joy in service. That's really all humility is. It's wanting to serve and help others for the glory of God. As Christians I think we tend to think of all the things we have to do or can't do rather than thinking about the joy and contentment and delight we have in doing those things.
Thats it. Those are all my random thoughts for the day. TTFN! (tomorrow I'll have more scrappy stuff for ya!)

(ps, sorry about the underlining, blogger is retarded and I can't get it off!!!)

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