Sunday, February 3, 2008

PB & J Worship

No, this isn't the newest fad cd for "Christian" kids! This is something my friends and I ended up talking about Friday night when we all went and hung out at Starbucks. First, a little background. There were 7 of us "girls" and little Zeke came along for the ride too. Of the seven, all but one are married and of the 6 married of us only 2 don't have children (and 1 of those is pregnant!) So needless to say our talk involved our families and children. Oh, did I mention that all of us with children are stay at home moms? Our conversation was very diverse. We went from irrational fears of snakes and horses (?!) all the way to natural family planning and hit just about everything in between! lol, I think if anyone around us was listening in they probably got more than they bargained for. But now, on to the worship talk. In the middle of everything else we were talking about serving our families and our kids and one of the girls told us about something that had happened the week before. She was standing at the kitchen counter making lunch for her 2 year old son and it was like all of a sudden God told, "Megan, this is a time for worship." She was like, "what? No, I'm just making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." But it was that much clearer, "Megan, THIS is a time for worshiping me." "But he's sitting at the table waiting God." Those are the moments to worship. Those are the times when we are serving God in the everyday mundane things. If we can and do worship God at those times our children will see that and worshiping God in EVERYTHING is going to be so much more natural to them. It would seem more foreign to them to not worship while we fold the laundry if that's what they saw when they were growing up. Plus, how much more satisfying will our lives be if we worship at those times?!?! And one last thing...if we can worship while we're cleaning the toilet...think what our worship on Sundays at church is going to be like?!?!?!
So, here's what I'm going to strive to do as God continues sanctifying me and teaching me to better worship. I'm going to start recording PB & J Worship moments whenever I post. I hope you'll joining me in remembering that EVERY moment is a moment made for worshiping. I'd love to hear what your PB & J Worship moments are, just leave me a comment!

Here's todays PB&J Worship...I was soo tired and Zeke decided he wanted to eat...again...for like the 3rd time in an hour. I didn't have a bad attitude, but I was just sitting there almost comatose as he nursed and God said, "This is it, worship me in this moment." It's amazing!!!

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