Thursday, May 1, 2008

TRYING to be Thankful Thursday

Today has been one of those days where you just want to scream about 90% of the time. Not because anyone is doing anything horribly wrong, but just because YOU need an attitude adjustment. Ok, I need an attitude adjustment. I've had to stop and pray with my almost 2 year old several times today because I'm just being impatient and grumpy. Right now, I'm being thankful. I'm being thankful that God has opened my eyes to my sin and I'm not just continuing in it. I'm being thankful that He's promised that I have all I need for "life and godliness." I'm being thankful that He is sanctifying me and I'm being thankful for times like these:
Kessa and I enjoying the great weather yesterday afternoon while Zeke napped. We were "twirling." Too fun! :)

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