Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One More Crop Project and a Lesson from Acts

I'm not positive, but I think this is the last project I have to share with you all from the on-line crop I participated in a few weekends ago. This is just a simple little chipboard heart. I think I'm going to add wire or string to the back so that it can be hung up. On a funny note, when I was making this it called for wire to make the little curls coming out of the flower and I couldn't find any...however...one of Tim's guitars was sitting in the office...with a broken string hanging from it...so...talk about using "found" objects! So...all the "wire" you see here is a guitar string (which I don't recommend using as it doesn't hold shape very well!) However, I'm not musically savvy so I can't tell you WHICH string it is (sorry Kirsten!)credits: Scenic Route chipboard heart frame, SU felt flowers, unknown definition sticker, Daisy D pp, button from stash, and guitar string ;)

I'm doing this study of Acts right now for the second time, and I'm learning a lot this time around too! What I want to share with you right now is what struck me this time around about Stephen. We're told over and over again that Stephen was "full of the Holy Spirit" and that he spoke with great wisdom and that he was full of grace. He performed signs and miracles and many people believed because of his testimony. He was taken before the Council, false witnesses were brought against him, and he was stoned. Stephen was the first martyr recorded in the Bible, he saw heaven open and Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. All of these things happened while he was fulfilling the duty he had been called to...to serve tables. Remember that as you go about the duties God has called you to today, as you serve your family.

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Jessica said...

wow fantastic heart..love the idea of using the guitar string! the book study looks very interesting and St. Stephen is one of my favorite Saints!