Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Basket

So, not too much going on today, Tim is preaching morning and evening in Grayville today so we're a little bit more busy than normal. Tomorrow is Monday and I'm hoping we can all get back into the swing and schedule of life. Tomorrow is also Tim's first day at his new job!!! WOOHOO!!!!
This is the wedding basket I put together for some friends of ours that got married yesterday. They got married here and it was beautiful!
This is a picture of part of the inside downstairs (they also had the reception here.) I was rather upset that I forgot to take pictures of everything in it (back to the basket) and of the whole thing together before I wrapped it up, but we were running too late to take it apart just for pictures. The basket is made out of cookies and its filled with Cinnamon and Sugar Biscotti, Mocha Biscotti, Almond Chocolate Cookies (which is what the basket is made of it), and Sugar Cookies. I also made a mini album with the recipes for all the goodies in it. (Sadly didn't get a picture of that either!) I plan on making another one soon just so I can get some good pictures. So that's it for today. Laters.

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Jenn said...

well the basket was pretty and sounds totally yummy! the pics are beautiful!