Thursday, August 7, 2008

You're a Stranger, not a...

I’ve noticed a tentativeness among women in the blogosphere that I want to come against right now–you are (probably) not a stalker.

I know there are more people who read this blog than people who comment, and that is totally fine. But I’ve noticed that when a stranger or visitor does get up the gumption to comment, it’s usually laced with all kinds of insecure apology-like statements, like, “I don’t know you at all…”, “I just happened upon your blog…” or something to that effect.

Let me assure you of a few things, and hopefully that will make the commenting flow more smoothly and eliminate the need for explanation:

* This is a public blog. I fully expect and hope for people who I don’t know to read here and comment. If I wanted comments only from people I know, I would publish a private blog.
* I really, really like meeting new people. It energizes me.
* You have probably found this blog through a couple different avenues, all of which are perfectly legitimate, and thus not stalker-like: 1.) Splitcoast Stampers 2.) Addicted Scrappers; 3.) clicking through from one of my friends’ blogs where I’ve commented or where I’m listed on their blogroll; 4.) random googling.
* I blog to connect with people that I wouldn’t normally get to connect with on a regular basis.

Often times, I find myself on someone’s blog after a series of random click-throughs, and then I go to relay the interesting thing I read to Tim, and I can’t even remember how I got there. Does that make me a stalker? I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

This is by no means meant to be some heavy-handed bullying tactic to get you lurkers out there to comment. I just want you to know that you’re free to if you’d like to.

Of course the possibility still remains that you are, in fact, a stalker, but that is something you will need to deal with on your own time, probably with the aid of a professional counselor. Nevertheless, I’m banking on the probability that you are just another normal man or woman like me, who likes to read blogs, and found mine.


(Please note I completely and TOTALLY ripped this off from Molly Piper - check out her great blog!)

And I also want to add that I totally feel this way sometimes, so I get it, but I tend to suck it up and leave a comment now cause I know it might really make someone's day! Have a great night!!!