Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So...I don't really like this card and I'm going to make another one! lol.

On a different note, a few people asked to see my homemade "clip it up" on another site so I figured I'd just post it here. DH hung it up for me. VERY simple. We just got a curtain rod and then some curtain rings, put binder clips on the rings and viola! It was done. I LOVE having right in front of me.
(sorry about the mess! I didn't clean before I took the pics! lol)


Peggy Severins said...

Great job, I love this system. Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for stopping by at my blog, I've added you the the list for my blog candy. Good luck! Have a wonderful day.

Jessica said...

very cool Gina!

Tara said...

Very handy Gina. Your hubby is a keeper!