Saturday, September 27, 2008

Juvenile Literature

Right now we're very much enjoying this book.
In fact we're enjoying it several times a day. I'm sure you all know how that is. Kessa's aunt bought it for her, but all this enjoyment and love for Corduroy started with a trip to the library when we happened to pick up this book.
We had that book from the library for like a month and a half or something! My just turned two year old can quote the ENTIRE book. She would sit there and read it to herself when she couldn't get anyone else to. :) Anyway, we're enjoying all things Corduroy at the Johnson household right now and I've been wanting to do this cute idea on something for Kessa for a while. Now I finally know what I'm going to do! She's got a purple sweatshirt type zip up jacket that I'm going to put Corduroy on the back of...and I'm thinking about a purple pocket on the sleeve! ;) Anyway, anyone have any ideas on where I could find a smallish piece of green corduroy? I really don't want to pay the price to get a new piece, but I can if I have to. I was thinking maybe I'd try goodwill. Anyone else have any ideas?


Carol said...

I was thinking that if I could quit scrappin for a while I'd like to make her some corduroy bibs for Christmas. I'm just going to have to shift gears here!

Jennie said...

You're probably already done with this, but just wanted to let you know that I have some green corduroy pants here in my donation pile - size 4T - email me if you want me to send them, 'kay? jennie.thom at They're not overalls, but they're green :)