Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Year's Time

sure has changed my scrapping style!!!! Check out these lo's I did for a DT call a year ago...not bad...but certainly not up to par now! lol
This "Silly Girls" lo was my first ever attempt at doodling!
This one's cute, but looking at it now I can see so much more that could have been done to make it better.
And "Just the 3 of us"...I don't even know! lol...all I can think is, umm...I was prego in that was REALLY the 4 of us!

(Ok, that was the fun comparison I promised a while back...sorry for the big let down! ;)


Jessica said...

that is so cool! i am pretty sure that I actually remember that middle one. i do the same thing when i look at old layouts...i think wow i should of done that or this...etc. but it is fun to see how much your style can change and grow. :-D

Jessica said...

Gina i tagged along if you want...see my blog!