Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amen and Amen

Gretchen Naugle, wife of Desiring God's Lukas Naugle, was on hand and writes,

Pastor John called all women to examine the depths of their womanhood and their faith. He stated, "If you base your womanhood on competency you diminish the glory of Christ."

When we as women embrace our God-given role, we proclaim the glory of Christ at Calvary. We were called to proclaim the glories of Christ in all that we do, even the countless diaper moments that come with being a mom and in the hard, sacrificing moments of being single.

We need strong theology to stand strong through the challenges of this life, because as Pastor John said, "Wimpy theology makes for wimpy women."

(This was taken from the Desiring God Blog. For more information on this read this article.)

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