Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Space

Well, it seems like everyone's doing it and people have asked on a few different MBs I'm on, so I'll do it too! :) Here's where I scrap. It's working out pretty well for me. We haven't painted or really decorated too much because we rent and we had other things we wanted to do first...however I must say that the people that lived here before us went a little crazy with the sponging on the walls! Bleck. Anway....This is what you see when you walk into our office. Our huge wonderful corner computer desk. :) (just pretend like you can't see all those messy cords and such!)
Next to the computer desk is Tim's amp, all his guitar peddles and his guitars (yes, more than one, although only one made the pictures! lol) I use his amp as a lovely display shelf for cards I'm working on...he's not all that keen on this his words, "Nothing says ROCK ON like a hand-made card!" heheheh Then I've got a rolling storage container and a glass fronted cabinet with stuff in them.

Next to those is my lovely desk! Whoohoo. This is where I scrap away. You can sorta see my version of the clip it up hanging above my dest, all my ink pads and what not. Oh, I store most of my alphas in the shoe box on the top of the cabinet next to my desk. (Thank goodness DH has huge feet so even my big alphas fit! hehehe)

Then I use an over the door shoe sorter to hold my punches, random stamps, decrotive scissors (although they never get used...) and stuff like that. My rolling tote that I take to crops and stuff lives in front of it with my crop-a-dile and stuff like that in it.
And finally my bookshelf! This is where all my stamp sets live. My MM paints and stickles are all lined up nice and neat, flowers and bling live in the drawers and then books/mags/and stuff like that on the lower shelf. And the top shelf is share with books. lol.

That's it kids! That's my space. Thanks for stopping by!


Carol A said...

These pictures make the room look much bigger than it is IRL! You should tell your landlord you need a bigger room! Ha!Ha!

Jessica said...

wow you are so organized! love the pics!

kathi_minikatie said...

Gina, what a nice scrap space! Looks like it's very functional too.