Monday, November 10, 2008

December Daily

So I finished it! Here's the front view...

And an over-view of the inside pages....if I'm on top of things I'll post a before and after pic of each page during December when I get it done. :) (and let's just say that the 2 inch rings Ali used/recommended would NOT be big enough for this...these are 3 inch rings and they're too little...the price I pay for loving junked up pages! ;)

and for good measure...I LO I did Saturday night. I used one of Deb's great sketches from AllyScraps and this picture was take Saturday at the it. DS is a big kid, but he looks so small with DH. :D I LOVE seeing DH with our kids...melts my heart.


Arlene said...

wow, what gorgeous LO!!!

I love the little book too. I am always too scared to start making stuff like that!

would you mind me adding you to my scrappy chicks list on my blog????

Michelle Lanning said...

ohh so pretty _ ijust finished mine too!