Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Wow....Can I just say that its only 8:20am and I'm already worn out just listening to my daughter talk. She NEVER stops talking. Which is very nice most of the time and I LOVE that she talks so well and is so easy to understand....but sometimes...just's exhausting to listen to her and answer every question...and respond to every statement...that's 20 times!!!!! lol.

Just popping in to share some more things I made with the Scrap-Tastic November kit. I finished up ALL the journals yesterday so now I'm on to personal scrappy stuff for the week! :) Enjoy your beautiful Monday!!!!
You can click on this one and view it larger to read the journaling (I promise if you do the title will make sense! lol)
And some cards.


Colleen said...

Great work you've been doing and I hear ya on the talking!! lol Might be a good thing to do a layout about too!

Amy said...

beautiful page and cards! and i can sympathize with you on the talking. my DS started talking at 8months old and never stopped. it took a bit getting used to the quiet house once he started school. he asked endless questions and only stopped talking when he went to sleep. :)

Peggy said...

Love what you've done, great work! Got to laugh about your little chatty one. I have 2 like those and it feels like it's my own mistake cause the minute I got them all I could think was I can't wait for their first word and than the second and third. Well what can I say, they've got that from me ;) Too funny!