Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to my Roots papercrafting roots anyway. I've been making cards like crazy and still am only about half-way done with all that I need to make. Thank you cards...for all our family members...from my kids (and DH and I too! lol) for Christmas and Zeke's birthday. I usually just go buy cards when I have a lot to do but I didn't make it to the store and I just have so many scraps leftover from such yummy kits I figured I'd just plunge in and make them this time.'s what I've been working on!
These first two are from the January Project kit over at Scrap-tastic and the last one is from the January Main Kit (Frosted Elegence.)
I've got some more cards hiding out but they seem to be wanting to upload sideways...hate it when blogger does that. Anyone else ever have problems with that?

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Heather Lough said...

Oh, you're so good to give thank you cards for Christmas and such. I need to be better about that. They're all beautiful.