Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Mini

Hey look! I'm not dead! lol...I just haven't had anything blog-worthy happening at all!!!

However, last night I got to play with my Pink Paislee Tinsel Town stuff...and wow...I still love it as much as I did when I bought it! lol. I used my pictures from Christmas morning here at the Johnson house and made up this little mini. Originally I had a tin I was going to alter to match it and store it in, but once I was done with the album I realized it was too fat to fit in the tin! lol. (as always you can click any of the pics to see them bigger or read the journaling.)
(this LO, the one above, cracks me up, because for the first time I can see why people ask me if Kessa and Zeke are twins! lol)
Ok so this is only half of it...and not even the front cover, but everytime I upload the pictures Blogger turns them sideways!!!!!!!!! Anyone know how to fix that?


Kristii said...

I love this little mini!!! It was great to meet you at Color Me Daisy!!

Heather Lough said...

Such a cute little mini album. I need to do more of these.