Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I've been thinking about this LO for a long time. God has been speaking to me for some time (since shortly after Christmas probably) about not hiding my weaknesses. We, as women, especially try to always look like we have it all together. We make sure we look presentable, our children look presentable, and we cover up the annoying fight we had as we were getting out of the car and look like we're doing just fine and dandy. But that doesn't glorify Christ. When we look like we have it all together people don't think, "wow, Christ is really working in her life!" They think, "Wow...she's really got it all together."

Paul was able to say that he would BOAST about his weaknesses so that Christ's power could rest on him. That's what I want in my life. I want people to be able to see that I don't have it all together. That there are days when I just want to cry all day long, that I am FAR too often reminded of my sinful nature and depraved heart, that the only way I am able to be what I am is by God's grace.

Christ has been teaching me, especially through having two small children and crazy CRAZY pregnancy hormones, to lay down my pride and show others my weakness so that when they see me still going on, still doing the things Christ has called me to do, and still being filled with joy, they will GLORIFY HIM!!!!!!!

Anyway, I did this for a challenge at Noel Mignon to scrap a list of 10 things you love about yourself. All of mine are taken directly from scriptures that I cling to to be the wife and mother and Christian God has called me to be.

(oh, and yes, I really did cut that verse out of an old Bible...felt a little sacrilegious doing it too!)


Carol A said...

GASP!!!! You cut up a Bible!!! What a heathen you are!!!! Seriously, babe, I love your LO and mostly what God is doing in your heart! Love you, Mom

Jennie said...

First of all, what a beautiful page!

Second of all, even though I think we don't see eye-to-eye on every part of religion, I have so much respect for you and your faith in your beliefs. You are such an awesome woman!

mommysews said...

I LOVE this. Your journalling is wonderful and the LO is great. I like the challenge too. I think that I might even try to do someting like that