Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lessons from Cinderella

As I was changing the sheets on my bed this morning Kessa and I had a little conversation that went something like this...

Kessa: So, umm...I have to marry a Cinderella married a Prince so I have to married a prince.

Me: Oh, ok. Did you know that God has a special Prince picked out just for Kessa?

Kessa: Oh...but we can't look for him?

Me: No, we can't look for him. We have to be patient and wait on God's time.

Kessa: mmm....but not for really?

Me: Yes, for really.

Kessa: Ok, I will wait for God's time.

Man...I hope all lessons about boys go over this well!!!!

1 comment:

Carol A said...

Ohhhhh! How sweet! Hopefully she will REMEMBER this lesson!