Monday, March 30, 2009

Right Now

I'm preaching the gospel to myself again and again, reminding myself that I have been given all that I need for life and godliness...and no matter how much I think I do I do not NEED nap-time. This on-going lecture to myself is the result of trying to get the kids to take their naps in the same room. I figured it would be better to start now and get them used to it than to wait until the new baby was born. was awake from his nap before Kessa had even fallen asleep...and then turns out he was still really tired and needed more sleep...but if I laid him back now he was sure to wake up the now sleeping Kessa. You wouldn't think it would be this complicated...I mean they do sleep in the same room at night for Pete's sake! *deep breathe* I need some tylenol! lol

This one is really starting to get the hang of walking...and is actually doing it! :D He's been able to for a while now and just hasn't wanted to because he's such a fast crawler...well no more! He's been walking up a storm the past two days!

These two are nearly insepreble...

especially since their matching outfits arrived in the mail today. Too cute...I wish I had a video of how excited Kessa was! She kept talking about all the things on their clothes...that she and Gabby BOTH had. I knew she'd like having matching outfits, but her response was even better than I had hoped for!

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Aimee (aka carolinagirl) said...

My heart is melting right now over those pics of Kessa and her little dolly! How precious!!
You are in for it now with Zeke walking!! He! He! Though it is cute to see them finally walking in all of their little cuteness!!