Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Health Update and some Sneaks

Wow, thank you all sooo much for all your prayers and support. You all make me smile even when I don't feel good and I love you all for that!!!!! *sigh* *big hugs* Anyway, Friday was an interesting day. DH and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents and went to the Dr....again. hehe. They did a flu test...negative. So they did a strep test (apparently you can have strep and NOT have a sore throat, who knew?!?!) Negative. So they were at a loss and decided they needed to call my OB and see what she wanted done. She wanted me to go the hospital and have some test done there, just another urine sample and a blood test to see if my white blood cell count was up, no big deal. We got those done and then decided it would probably be today before we heard anything so we were going to go away this weekend anyway. (yea!!!!) We got all packed up and left and about half-way to our destination the Dr. called and said I had passed a kidney stone while doing the urine sample at the hospital!!!! hehe!! That explained a lot but not everything. A few hours later my OB called and said I did in fact have a pretty bad UTI and she was going to call in a perscription for me. (God is good, it's not contatigous and it's easily treated!) Then, not 5 minutes later the other Dr. called and said my UTI was so bad I needed to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics!!! Thankfully, my OB rules and DH and I got to have a nice weekend away and I'm feeling much better (although still slightly sub-par.) So again, thank you for your prayers!!!

And as a little treat for suffering through all this boring stuff how about some sneaks from the Rendezvous kit from Scrap-Tastic? Enjoy!

(that's a great new Martha Stewart border punch I just got called embossed zigzag!)

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Jessica said...

oh goodness a kidney! so glad u are better and love those sneak peeks..they look like scrumptious pgs.!