Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday I was in the bathroom with Kessa when she busted me. Her "bathtub baby"'s leg was sticking out of the trashcan and she saw it. (You have to understand this is like a $3 Dollar General toy. It's marketed as a bath tub toy but has NO drainage!!!! (ewwwww) It's 2 years old so you can image what it looks like can't you? Not pretty.)

Anyway, I quickly explained to her that Bathtub Baby was all moldy inside and that mold could make us sick so we had to throw it away. She absorbed this for a few minutes...I waited for the dive at the trashcan to try and dig it out...however...the dive didn't come...instead she dropped this little bomb:

"But 'Zekiel isn't moldy."

BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I about died laughing...and then it was even worse when I was telling Tim about it. hehehehe....she's always good for a laugh! ;)

(and just for the record I have NEVER tried or even mentioned throwing Zeke away!!! LOL!!!!)

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Carol A said...

I'd better keep up with your blog better! Missed this one and you forgot to tell me! That is hilarious!