Monday, April 6, 2009

My Morning...

consisted of grape juice colored vomit, courtesy of Kessa's sick little tummy (I know, TMI, sorry.) and this:

and now that it's evening they were both VERY tired and ended up going to bed early...however an hour later Kessa was crying as if she thought she would die. Being the good parent that I am I went to investigate and discovered that instead of sleeping...they had been sharing toys. Namely, Kessa's Bitty Baby Gabby had ended up in Zeke's crib with him and she couldn't get it out and wasn't about to go to sleep without her! lol.

Hehehe...these are the things that make me want to cry while they're happening, but also the things that I know I'm going to want to remember forever...because these little moments...even the frustrating ones...are what make up life. (Not to mention that moments that are lived are the moments God uses to sanctify me most!)

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Carol A said...

Totally happy that you DID NOT take a pic of the first unpleasant incident! What a day! Happy sanctification!