Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nasal Talking and Some Sneaks

Well I know, and YOU know, that we aren't supposed to pick our noses.

But how did we learn this?

By our mother's telling us not to over and over again. So without further ado, for your reading enjoyment, part two of Nasal Talk with Kessa.

(setting: changing table in the midst of a cloth diaper change this AM in the Johnson home)
Me: Kessa, PLEASE don't pick your nose.
Kessa: But there's a cheesebooger and french fries up there!!!

Nothing. I stand there dumbfounded. Who am I to argue with free food?!?!? he! he!

In other news this little boy took a bad tumble this evening and had a nasty run in with the edge of the coffee table. He seems to be fine but when he went to bed it looked like the coffee table had definetly beaten the tar out of him. I'll try and get picks tomorrow. (because what self-respecting scrapper would skip a photo of a head injury?!)

And finally...some sneaks of the Scrap-Tastic June kit. I designed this kit and I'm having a BLAST playing with it!!!

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