Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preparing For Grace

I was pondering as I typed that title what a blessing it is that we don't need to, and in fact CAN'T, prepare for God's grace. It's something He freely gives us...we don't have to clean up our act first or get things ready for Him to shower His grace down on us...isn't that such a sweet blessing and relief?!?! I would perpetually be preparing but never receiving if we had to get ready for His grace.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a long theological's actually my To-Do Before Baby List...thus...Preparing for Grace. lol

Probably not interesting to most of you but it will help me out tremendously...and if you've got any ideas of things I forgot or better ways to do things please let me know!


Finish purging/deep cleaning:
our bedroom

Put door on office
Get bunk beds set up for K and Z
Get K and Z sleeping in said bunk beds
Move crib to office
Make office more baby friendly
Move chest of draws out of the kids closet and put in more shelves for hanging stuff
Make and freeze snacks
Make and freeze meals for the kids for while I'm in the hospital
Solidify plans for the littles while we're in the hospital
Get 3rd car seat in car

Ok, I'm sure there's more that I'll be adding later but for now we'll leave it...I'm going to eat lunch. Later ladies!

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