Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts to Prepare for Worship

I've been reading The Legacy of Sovereign Joy for a while now, I'm almost done with it. However I was very struck by one passage in particular as I was reading a few days ago.
The section I was reading is about John Calvin.

"when he (Calvin) was thirty years old, he described an imaginary scene of himself at the end of his life, giving an account to God, and said, 'The thing, O God, at which I chiefly aimed, and for which I most diligently labored, was, that the glory of they goodness and justice...might shine forth conspicuous, that the virtue and blessings of thy Christ...might be fully displayed."

I know he was refering mainly to the way he pastored, but for me, it very much made me think about the way I parent. I feel that so often I fall into the trap of making Christianity look to my children like it's about them and their need of salvation and NOT on the glory of God. That's not what I want. I want their sin to point them to Christ, but not as a bandaid or "quick fix." I want them to see in the way I live that Christianity is all about Christ's glory because THAT is what will make them (and all of us for that matter!) supremely happy. That is what makes the true Christian life worth living and not just a set of rules to follow. I want to be able to join Calvin and say that my CHEIF AIM in life, and the thing that I most DILIGENTLY labored for, was that His glory might be fully displayed in my life.

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