Thursday, July 2, 2009


or better titled...."Confusing Conversations with a Two Year Old."

Soo...we've been having a hard time keeping the kids in their bunk beds for the last week or so. They started out great and have digressed! About a week ago after they had both been punished and put back in their own beds Kessa asked if I would stay with her for a few minutes. I agreed and we began talking about why she wasn't staying in bed and that she couldn't be good on her own but that Jesus could help her be good. I always try to level the playing field when I'm talking with my children about their sin by reminding them that mommy sins all the time too but that Jesus helps her be good also. This particular night though the comment didn't fall on deaf ears. Kessa pondered this for a moment...that mommy sins too...then she asked, "Do you get spanks too?" would you respond to that one? Not sure if I had the best response in the world but taking a deep breathe I told her, "Well Kessa, mommy SHOULD get spanks for her sins but Jesus took all my spanks for me so I don't get any anymore. However I do still have to suffer the consequences for my sin...and that's kind of like spanks."

Hehe! So...that's one place where I'm still baffled when I think about it. Anyway, we'll just pray God's grace will cover over any big mistakes I made in that conversation! lol

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Virginia said...

We've had VERY similar conversations here, and I just keep praying that God makes it all make sense to her (and to me!). :)