Monday, August 3, 2009

3 Years Ago Today...

this beautiful little girl turned us into parents. I never realized (and I still don't think I fully realize) how much that one little word encompasses.

She has grown into a fun enjoyable little gal to be around (most of the time! lol) She's taught me to let go and have some fun no matter what else is going on.

She's taught me that it's ok to let the dishes sit sometimes. She's taught more patience than I ever thought I'd need in a lifetime and she's continually (and I do mean every day!) being used by God to sanctify me and teach me what it truly means to have a quiet and gentle spirit.

She's a great big sister and a wonderful little "mother." She takes such good care of her baby Gabby that it just melts my heart. She's VERY stubborn and very much a leader...but at the same time when it comes to trying new things she's not very adventuresome. She loves green. She's obsessed with cereal and she would rather eat steak than pb&j. She is her own person and I am amazed by the things that God could do with her life if she has a heart fully submitted to Him.

I love you more than life Kessa Bear!!!!


Virginia said...

They grow up so fast, don't they?! She is so adorable. Happy (belated) birthday sweet one!

Virginia said...

Hey I just saw on your comment on the NM challenge blog that you are having your baby tomorrow!!!!!!!! I didn't realize! Congrats, girly!