Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Right Now

Right now I've got some thoughts I want to get down and be sure I you get a blog post! lol. Right now I'm realizing that Grace really is joining our family tomorrow. I'm realizing that I really am a mommy of three. I'm realizing that it will never just be the four of us again. It will never be just Kessa and Zeke again. Part of me wishes I had really grasped that and realized it sooner. I've been thinking these things for a few days and I've been treasuring each moment with them. Storing up all the memories of being a family of four and a mommy of two. Watching my children in awe and wonder. Throwing responsiblity to the wind and taking the time to really play with them. Hugging them...a lot. Telling them how much I love them. Having pillow fights.

It's been great being the four of us...but ALL of us are exciting and ready to be a family of five. Even Zeke is getting excited about Grace coming to live with us (even though I'm sure he really has no idea what that's going to entail!) God has blessed us so much. He's been so gracious in showing us how very very true the words of Psalm 127 are. Children ARE a blessing from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

I'm giddy about getting to hold this little girl...and be reminded of how very tiny newborns really are.

I've got some posts all schedule for you for the next few days while I'm in the hospital...and if we have WiFi access I'll be sure and get you some pictures too!

Until I'm a mother of three (out of the womb) children...have a blessed day!


Jennie said...

Ooh, such a big day, Gina!! Welcome, baby Grace!

Jessica said...

ohh Gina I am so excited to see pics of Grace..hope all goes well all will be in my prayers! God bless!

Ronda said...

I can't believe it is time. I so want to see you all. Hope to visit soon. Having withdraws of my loved ones. Happy Mommy of 3 Day!
Love ya all. Ronda :)