Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not Just Hair Bows

So if you'll remember I kindly invited you to my fabulous Hair Bow E-party...but I was cruising Kayte Bug Boutique yesterday and low and behold, they've got some super super cute watches! With interchangable bands. Too cool. I MUST have one...once I decide WHICH one!

and THEN my lovely SIL was looking around their site and she says, "Wow, have you seen their adult hats?"

"WHAT?!?! They have ADULT hats?!?!" and of COURSE they're soo cute!!!!!!!! Argh! What to get!!!

Sadly I can't steal most of their pictures to show you how cute it all is, so go check it out. lol :)

Don't forget if you want to get something you've got until Sunday to order. :) and if you do order please remember to comment that Gina is the host! Thanks!!!

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