Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zeke Mini

I only got one add on this month (besides some letters) from Color Me Daisy, but I just LOVE the one I got and I'm sooo glad I did! I got the Fancy Pants Rough and Tough Journaling Book and turned it into a mini album of Ezekiel.

It has 24 journaling cards in it (2 each of 12 different designs) so I decided to tear out half of them (the duplicates) and save them for later use. I designated each card with a month of the year and I'm making him a "Grow with Me" type album (I say making because we've still got three months to go this year! lol) Here's the cover

and if you want to see the rest, just hop over to the CMD Gallery or our Facebook Page (side note, once we hit 100 fans on FB we're giving away a rack so go join up if you haven't already!)