Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Cleaning- Day 1 {Scrappy Area}

I'm finally getting this posted! Monday night at like 9 (or some similarly absurd time to start a project of this magnitude) I decided to tackle my scappy stuff.

This is before. The desk and wicker shelves weren't that bad, but I wanted to purge and also try a new set up for my scrapping.

This corner was a nightmare!! Everything just kinda got thrown in here after the original clean and there were very few things in that cabinet that I actually used.

This was around midnight or so...right in the middle of the purging.

And here's the final work! I wanted to be able to move my scrappy stuff more easily (like if I wanted to scrap and watch a movie or something) and I also wanted the desk to be all cleaned off so that the kids could sit there and do their artwork too. I've still got to get their markers and crayons and stuff in cute little containers on there for them. My essential scrap supplies are in the top drawer along with the kit I'm currently working with. That way I can just pull out the drawer and go if I want to scrap somewhere else.

The cabinet that was in the corner I completely emptied and moved to a different room and put the stereo back in it (which is what it was actually made for.) You'll see a picture of that if I actually get to the living room! lol


Virginia said...

That looks awesome!!! I love it! I bet your littles will love being able to craft at mommy's desk, too. :)

beckyjune said...

Amazing what a little bit of time will accomplish! It looks great. And, is that the November kit from CMD that I see? That orange paper looks a bit like the Dreamstreet owl paper :)