Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The List

If you remember this post I gave you a little sneak of this LO that I made with the Scrap-Tastic Flirtatious kit (and there are only 1 or 2 left I think!) and I also linked up my inspiration for making this list.

The black and white card is actually an Urban Lily Secret Keeper that I'm planning on jotting notes in as I mark things off my list.

So what's on my list you ask? here it is!

27 Things to do Before I'm 27

1. Memorize a new Bible verse each week.
2. Start hiking with the kids (we've already been twice since I made this LO!)
3. Run a half marathon.
4. Go outside everyday.
5. Get (and use! lol) a bike trailer. (not sure how this will work with 3...but I'll figure something out. *snicker*)
6. Lose baby weight and then some.
7. Go on a scrap retreat weekend.
8. Plant a garden.
9. Spend less time on the computer. (I think I'm already doing better with this one!)
10. Know God better by studying His Word more deeply.
11. Monthly "dates" with each child (well...just the two older ones for now.)
12. Weekends away with Tim.
13. Redecorate/paint/move kids rooms (partially done...half to wait till Grace is older to finish.)
14. Be more BOLD.
15. Get ears pierced.
16. Go rock climbing.
17. Go to Garden of the Gods.
18. Have a birthday party.
19. Learn more about prayer.
20. Foster a love of the outdoors in the kids.
21. Make our home a fun place to be.
22. Write love notes.
23. Call an old friend. (done!)
24. Write letters.
25. Enjoy my kids toddlerhood...without stressing over stuff as much!
26. Try new recipes.
and finally...
27. Run a faster mile.


Jessica said...

That's so cute! I bet Tim's excited for the weekends away:-)! Are you going to be 27 this February or next? Love the new look to your blog!

Jennie said...

You're such a neat person :) I love seeing your list, and that page is so pretty!!

Rebecca said...

Fab layout--love the journaling on the swirls!

Kirsten said...

ok, do you really not have your ears pierced? This list just depressed me, because I just turned 27 and am feeling really old. Thank you Gina, so much.

Did I TELL you about the grey hair I found on my head after last Christmas?? I saved it as proof that Truro is making me old.