Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Ghost of...(and a bit of randomness)

The Ghost (or should I say Ghosts?) of Childhood Present visited me last time.  They visited me many times.  Many more times than the Ghosts of Christmas visited Scrooge.  One of those times, as I was crawling back into my warm bed next to my snoring hubby I snorted and thought, "Must be nice to be able to sleep through all this!" But even as I was thinking it...I knew it wasn't true.  I knew that I love being the one they come to in the middle of the night...even though they have to walk all the way around the bed in the dark...and daddy would be easier for them to get to.  I love when they cuddle up on my shoulder and lay their heads down as I take them back to bed.  I love that God has given me a family to serve...even when I'm tired the next day and whine and complain about how many times I had to get up.  I'm grateful for the reminder that I will miss it when they're too big to come share their fears with me (though I pray that never happens!) I'm grateful for the reminder that this is where God has called serve. 

Which reminds me that I settled on a "word" for the year.  Serve. There is much to go along with it and I'm hoping to get a LO done with all my feelings about it very soon.

Ok, I'm off to take a shower...I'm sweaty and nasty after playing Active Life Extreme Challenge on our new Wii...I'm officially addicted.


Virginia said...

You are preaching truth to my heart tonight, sistah. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy that shower- uninterrupted. ;) (My kids do seem to always find me in there, too. hehe)

Jessica said...

great post Gina...I forget that just knowing and loving God are not just what I am on this earth for.....that serving Him is in there also. Thanks for the lovely reminder! God Bless!

Tanya said...

wow you create some gorgeous work!! Fab blog :)

Carol A said...

Ahhh! Gotta love those little ghosts! Love your post! I'm thinking we all need a little more of your word for the year! Too often it is all about "ME!"