Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party Time!

(Photo heavy)

He's 2.  As of 8:45am today the L'il Dude is TWO.  (however if you ask him how old he is he always says 6.)  We had a small shindig here this morning with my DH's family (if 2 sisters plus boyfriends, a brother and wife and son, and mom and dad, oh, and a married couple with their two kids is small that is...)

I decided to make Zeke a Taggie cake this year.  If you know him at all you know that his nasty, gross, smelly, football shaped lovie is like a fifth appendage so I thought it would be fun to pay it it's dues this year.  lol


We opened presents...I'm pretty sure he loved everything he got!  lol.  Tim and I got him some "frog" rain boots.  We usually try to get something that they'll like but is still useful too.

(Kessa looks so happy for her brother doesn't she?) 
Pretty sure we succeeded.  He put them on right then and then didn't even want me to take them off to change his pants!  lol.

We had cupcakes too (because I don't know when to stop...)

and I even let Kessa and Zeke decorate some this morning before the party...

He danced in his chair the whole time we were singing Happy Birthday to him and then he blew out the candles!

We rounded out the morning playing and then Kessa and Zeke had a "picnic" on the living room floor (because it's stinking COLD outside people!!!)

(sorry the photos aren't as good as normal...I'm having issues with photoshop and my computer's memory so these are straight out of camera...I never do that!  lol)


Kirsten said...

LOVE IT!! Happy Birthday Zeke!! :)

Carol A said...

Froggie boots and Cars umbrella! He's all set for the rainy days! What a cutie! Love the pics! What a cute cake! Tim should teach you how he does it!!! LOL!

Rebecca said...

Oh so cute! Looks like your little guy had a wonderful day--Happy Birthday to him :) (such a cute idea for his cake too :) )