Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wrapping Up

Yup, I've got lots of things to wrap up. 

First off is the last LO I've done (so far!) with the oh so yummy Homemade Treats kit from Color Me Daisy.

I used more of the old pictures I found of Kessa.  The tiny ones were taken on the morning of her 1st birthday!  I can't believe how much she's changed.  The large one was just a few days later. 

I used some Fancy Pants stamps that I got for Christmas to make the butterfly, then I cut it out, brushed it with Star Dust Stickles and popped it up around the "girls" (and of course distressed it, because I can't NOT distress stuff!)

I also used my Stampin Up Hearts punch and Curly Label punch.'s probably about time for the 3rd (and FINAL!) installment of my "favorite" photos of 2009 by month.  I use the term "favorite" here VERY loosely!  lol



(hehehe...I just love this one.  Kessa is wearing Zeke's pj' this was at like 10 o'clock one night.  I went in to make sure they were covered up and discovered her in Zeke's bed both snoozin' away.  I LOVE that they're such good friends!)


(I know you just saw this, but hey, it's one of my faves!)


he's so cute!

and would you believe...the whole month of December and not ONE good picture of Kessa?

Up tomorrow...a final wrap up of 2009 with my Favorite LOs.


Mara... said...

I love that layout and how you split the shaped paper. Awesome job! And I love the pics of your cuties, especially the last one with the crown!!

Rebecca said...

Love the butterfly. And what cuties you have :)