Friday, February 19, 2010

Your Word is Truth

It was 3:48...AM.  I started awake, not sure what I had I listened I heard little feet...and soon right next to my head a little voice said, "My pooin' mom."  So we head to the bathroom where I discover a pull up that already weights about as much as a full grown man and jammies that are soaked through.  The little dude goes potty, I get his clothes changed and we head back to bed...but wait!  The sheets are soaked through too!  (and I just bought TWO packs of these silly apparently cheapo pull ups!  Grrr...)  So I get the sheets taken care of, put him back to bed and groggily crawl back into my now cold bed.  Forty-five minutes later as I'm slowly drifting off to dreamland the soft patter of little feet reaches into my sleepy haze and yanks me out.  "I needa go potty mom."  So we do it again...this time as I'm putting him back to bed I hear moanings from the crib next to him.  Praying it's just baby dreams I quietly slip out and head to bed again.  As the moanings turn to yells, grunts, and the occasional cry (far earlier than she is normally fed) my tiredness turns to resentment.  Finally in frustration I give up.  Sleep is over for me for the day.  With a bit of anger and indignation I get Grace up to feed her (I can't believe I'm confessing so much of my sinful attitude to all blogland!)  

If you've made it this far...PROPS!!!  Now for the meat of the story...the important part...the part I need to learn so frequently.

As I was feeding Baby Grace I pulled out the Bible study I'm currently doing and started reading.  I came to Romans 13.  Then I came to Romans 13:14

"But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify it's desires."

Ouch.  That's exactly what I was doing.  I was making EVERY provision for the flesh.  Feeling like I had some RIGHT to be grouchy or complain because my flesh didn't get it's desire (sleep) gratified last night.  

John 17:17 sure is true isn't it?  "Sanctify us by your word.  Your word is truth."  I praise God that He is continually changing us to be more like Him...even when it's through lack of sleep.  


T.A.M. said...

Hi, so wonderful to read your"confession" this morning. We are all human. Love how you are able through his word to understand so much. Blessings.
I popped over to say thank you for visiting my lil blog. I also would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from your beautiful pages.Love your work!

Carol A said...

Me thinks you are being way too hard on yourself! But don't let what a very prejudiced mama thinks get in the way of God's sanctifying work in your life! Love you babe!

katie hutton said...

needed this today gina! thanks!