Tuesday, March 2, 2010

90 Minute Shirt Love

So this past month (the ENTIRE month of February that is) it was Celebrate the BOY month at a great blog I just discovered called MADE.  (I know, I must have been under a rock or something to not know about Dana and her amazing blog, but I didn't!  lol)  Anyway, one of the projects (which included a complete step-by-step tutorial!) was this super cute 90 Minute Shirt. 

I wasn't sure why, but I was just itching to make one for Zeke.  Mind you, I have a sewing machine...and I DO sew...on scrapbook pages!!!  lol, anytime I have something that needs sewn "for real" I take it to my mom!  (thanks mom! ;) 

But I wanted to make this and it looked easy enough so I snagged one of my DH's shirts that I liked but he never wears anymore (it was a New Found Glory shirt) and turned it into this:
and he loves it!!! He's even slept in it once or twice because I couldn't get him to take it off.
I love that he loves it!  In fact I used this same tutorial as the starting place for a dress for baby sister the next day and he was rather upset that I wasn't making another shirt for him.  He wanted to know if he could share her's.  he!  love it.  Makes me want to make him clothes ALL the time!!!


However, the best thing that this tutorial did for me wasn't give me a great shirt that my BOY loves; (although it did do that!)  It gave me the confidence to really SEW and I'm LOVING it.  So fun!  Come back tomorrow and I'll share the soo soo cute "Dickies" dress baby sister got.


Carol A said...

I love it! Love the clothes you are making...love that they love them....love that you love them...love that you are loving sewing!

Mara... said...

very cool Gina!! Good for you for taking that next step to actually try something new. The shirt turned out great and now you have some awesome confidence in sewing. Yeah! Can't wait to see the next sewing project!