Thursday, March 18, 2010

Faith for Your Future

I spent a bit of last weekend cropping over at Citrus Tree Studio.  I needed a little push to get my mojo flowing and their Going Green crop was just the thing.  

One of the challenges played on the legend of the shamrock.  You had to use one of the words the leaves are said to represent (hope, faith, love, luck) as part of your title.

I knew I wanted to use the word faith and as I was looking through these pictures some of the things God has been teaching me lately were very much in my mind.  I know that no matter how good (or bad) a parent I am God has a plan for my children.  So while that doesn't give me the right to think what I do now doesn't matter it does give me confidence.  I have faith that whatever happens God has promised me that it is for the good of those who love him (I do) and that's it's for His glory.  I have faith that love does indeed cover a multitude of sins, and I have faith that He has plans for Ezekiel.  Plans to give him hope and future.  Plans for good and not for harm.  In short, I have faith for his future.

(sorry the picture is so poor, lighting has been wonky here!)

Everything but the tiny JB alphas is from the November Color Me Daisy kit.  They're all sold out, but there are a few patterned paper add ons left.

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Rebecca said...

Love the strips behind the title, the little owl sitting on the arm and the line of trees. Love that photo too.